"Brain Death"

A Medicolegal Construct:

Scientific & Philosophical



20th - 21st MAY 2019

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Opening Prayer Veni Sancte Spiritus

9:05        Welcome

9:10         “Brain Death” is not Death

               Philosophical and Scientific Evidence in Brief

                 Josef Seifert, DDr. Phil. Habil.

9:40        The “Birth” of “Brain Death”

                Thomas Zabiega, M.D.

10:30       “Brain Death” is not Death:

                Clinical Experience

                 Paul Byrne, M.D.

11:30       Coffee Break

12:00       Apnea Test Procedure versus Aggressive                              Therapy for Alleged “Brain Dead” Patients

                Cicero Coimbra, M.D., Ph.D.

13:00      Lunch Break

14:30       “Non-Heart-Beating” Donors, an Alternative

                to “Brain-Dead” Donors?

                Doyen Nguyen, OP, Dr. Med. Hematol.,

                Dr. Moral Theol.

15:30       Consent Policy and “Brain Death”

                Paul Byrne, M.D

16:30      Coffee Break

17:00      General Discussion

18:00      End of Day 1

Closing Prayer Salve Regina

Opening Prayer Veni Sancte Spiritus

9:05        Substance and Organism as a Whole Sed Contra

                to Moschella’s pro-“Brain Death” Rationale

                 Doyen Nguyen, OP, Dr. Med. Hematol.,

                 Dr. Moral Theol.

10:30       Critique of the “Brain Death” Concept in the                        Writings of Robert Spaemann and Wolfgang                        Waldstein

                 Fr. Edmund Waldstein, O.Cist., Mag. Theol.

11:30        Coffee Break

12:00       Fundamental Philosophical Errors and                                  Unthomistic Character of Lee and Grisez’s

                pro-“Brain Death” Rationale

                 Josef Seifert, DDr. Phil. Habil.

13:00       Lunch Break

14:30       Insights into Integration: What Makes

                an Organism a Whole?

                 D. Alan Shewmon, M.D. (Live Video Presentation)

15:30       Did John Paul II Approve “Brain Death”?

                 Doyen Nguyen, OP, Dr. Med. Hematol.,

                 Dr. Moral Theol.

16:30       Coffee Break

17:00      General Discussion

18:00      Truth, the Foundation of a Culture of Life

                Bishop Athanasius Schneider

                 (Video Presentation)

18:30      Concluding Remarks - Announcing the Theme

                of JAHLF 2020 Conference

                 Josef Seifert, DDr. Phil. Habil

18:45       End of Day 2

Closing Prayer Salve Regina

Day 1

Day 2

The Event will be in English and Italian with simultaneous translation into both languages.

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